Beyond ‘us and them’ – participants’ words as featured in the event artwork

I us we you-they
I love my comfort zone. The defences within the ‘us’ We have to have ‘the balls’ to cross the borders of common sense. Maybe this common sense represents the walls within society. You may try at home to transform your self
As a listener we choose to listen to the owner of the story no matter where he comes from.
Usually I am a nice person Are strangers made by us? We need a new Utopia, something to look forward to and to believe in.
I don’t even know what society is… Is there a space between the ‘us’ and the ‘them’?
Connect with me and I am ready for your truth We are living in the age of dark enlightenment. There is no place for compromise, for people who are ready to sell out their principles. Meanwhile we, the searchers and researchers, will swim in the sea of deep democracy. Don’t shout at children when you want them to be more quiet… whisper…
We are already co-existing with the others, but we avoid them. We talk, write and think about ‘them’ as people we want to get rid of. I don’t know why, but it’s a strong feeling and all my friends feel the same.
Come to my place and we do something together. I admit: I am not ready to come to your place.
What is in it for me? Find out what you – what we want – what they want
I feel strong and confident when I am with my own people but I feel weak when I have to face people that I don’t know. Everybody has inner wisdom – so let’s be confident. How can we create an echo? ‘Spiders’ are people who spin ‘webs’ in a community  – webs are like anchors, they give security.
Passports are manifestations of differences… some are born in the ‘right’ place and others not… what can I do about it?  

The individual (‘egocentric’) becomes aware of the ‘self’ developing into a ‘person’. This is the transformation that opens us to the ‘we’

To enter places of power is difficult. This is one of the situations when I prefer not to be alone. People with opposed ideas argue out their differences so they come to a resolution, a common platform from where they can do things together
I feel pain when people don’t communicate with each other We: friends, families, tribes, clubs, gangs, communities, professionals, gender, skin, nationality, religion, social background, taste …
I am me because of you
Capitalism promotes the ‘’I’. Share economy promotes the ‘we’.
I see myself as you see me, and it gives me a deeper understanding and self recognition. Never tell them how to behave!
My professional me does not always want the same as my private me Fake interaction is simulating contact: the false ‘we’…
Equality – justice – brotherhood

= the economic system

+ Freedom = culture:

These are the columns that make the space in between us and them safe.

Should / can / will we change ourself and the system?
If you need a system to believe in you are a follower. We don’t need a system, we create our own.