Opening up discussions

Our workshops and facilitated sessions are interactive, highly engaging and draw on the experiences of the participants themselves. Whether in the room or online, new ideas are presented and explored as a group through numerous exercises and reflection spaces. All our workshops are shaped to meet the needs of specific groups and clients.

‘I’ve found this so useful, one of the few workshops where time has just flown by. I really like how interactive it has been and how learning from each other has been encouraged – the perfect amount of discussion and input from you.’
Facilitation training participant, 2022

If you have a team that is going through change or facing difficult decisions, it can be extremely useful to have an outsider facilitator in the process, allowing everyone in the team to get fully involved in the discussion.

We have decades of experience in taking teams through these challenging conversations, resulting in clarity about a new direction with everyone on board.

‘Started the session feeling defensive, left feeling open and hopeful – interactive, fun, memorable, inspiring, colourful, clear’
Festival management team, 2019

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