Exploring conflict:

How it affects us all and how it can be different

An 8-week online course with fortnightly facilitated study groups starting September 20th, 2021

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Managing situations of conflict and stuck dynamics?
Building diverse teams and organisations?
Fallout at work or home thanks to the pandemic?

Conflict is inevitable: within ourselves, at work, at home and in the wider society around us. Avoiding it is not an option and will not get us where we need to be in our personal or professional lives.

This unique and exciting exploration of the many faces of conflict will inspire you to work through difficult situations and relationships with confidence and creativity. A rich combination of models, diverse perspectives and group discussions linked to your own experience will deepen your understanding of the potential in conflict, enabling you to approach it with new strategies. You will end the course with tools for building resilient and sustainable relationships, collaborations and structures in a range of contexts.

Come prepared to dig deep and reap the rewards.

‘This course transformed my approach and empowered me with a whole new language for conflict and connection.’
 Imran, teacher/lecturer, Derby 2020

‘An opportunity to really reflect on my own relationship with conflict and to finish the course with a host of tools and techniques to deal with it across all aspects of my life. I would honestly recommend everyone who can spare a few hours a week to take part in this course. I can’t think of a more valuable way to invest that time.’
Cass, festival coordinator, Bristol 2020

Sessions 1-4 look at how we understand conflict, and why we want to avoid it. We explore the impact we each have in destructive conflicts we get tangled up in or are managing at work. And we share simple but highly effective tools for analysing stuck relationships and making them shift.

In Sessions 5-8, you apply the tools to a case study of your own choosing (personal or professional). We reflect on the ‘out of sight’ elements that can make conflicts so hard to unpick – culture, power, gender, identities and emotions – and their relevance to inclusion and diversity. And we look at how to engage with creative conflict as the route to sustainable collaborations at work and at home.

You will need to commit 1 – 2 hours per week of your time working alone online, with four additional 2hr fortnightly online study groups. Full attendance at the study groups is essential, for your own learning and for that of others in your cohort.

Useful, snappy and outlook-changing’

All participants over the last five years have said this course was useful for them and everyone they could think of, including:

creatives, managers, healthcare and therapeutic professionals, parents, administrators, activists, analysts, senior civil servants, students, teachers, CEOs, facilitators… the list goes on…

For information on pricing and to register