Exploring whiteness

February – March 2022   


These discussions take place in a small, closed group with a maximum of 10 participants. This course is only open to individuals who tick the ‘white’ box on ethnicity surveys.

As white people, many of us are aware of the problem of racism and want to do something about it – but where to start?

This 6-week online course is an opportunity to start at the only logical beginning point – with ourselves. We provide a safe and brave space in which to engage, connect and reflect with some challenging and complicated ideas, getting ready to engage in anti-racism work in whatever way that emerges in our lives.

“It was challenging to explore what White Privilege actually means, generally and personally. The course has really helped me understand this better and make a conscious decision stay alert, to acknowledge and question it in everyday situations.” 

Participant, May 2021

Course content
  • Week 1 White privilege – introducing white privilege; personal engagement with the idea
  • Week 2 – I can’t be racist, I’m a good person!  – unpacking white privilege; microaggressions
  • Week 3- A question of perspective anti-racism terminology; checking our defenses
  • Week 4 – Whiteness – what is whiteness?; The river of life
  • Week 5 – Letting it land exploring our relationship to racism
  • Week 6 – What can I do? – reflections; looking back, looking forward
Course delivery

Course introduction: Sunday February 20th, 7-8pm
Then every Thursday evening 7-8.30pm
February 24th-March 31st


10% of financial contributions to this course will go to Shropshire Ethnic Minority Alliance (SEMA), where the programme was first developed.

A follow-on course Connecting across Difference will be available in mid 2022. Those groups will be open to people of all backgrounds and provide an opportunity to share different perspectives on how to tackle the reality and impact of racism.