online and in person learning

“Thank you so much for a brilliantly rich and thought-provoking training experience.”
Kamina, June 2021

We create in-person and online spaces where people can learn from others, listen to themselves, share their experiences and explore new ideas. By working interactively, participants draw on their own knowledge and that of others to make personal and professional shifts that impact all areas of their lives.

“When I signed up I was really looking forward to delving back into some learning. What I got was the opportunity to really reflect on my own relationship with conflict and a whole host of tools and techniques for changing how I deal with it. I can’t think of a more valuable way to invest a few hours a week.”
Cass, online course, September 2020

Our online courses bring together people from all backgrounds and interests from around the UK and beyond. Our open courses run at quarterly intervals and you can add your name to any of the waiting lists at any time. We also regularly reshape the courses to meet specific organisational needs – please just contact us to discuss. 

“Thank you for such a thorough and considered journey. I can feel things beginning to move around for me and wouldn’t be able to take my work to this exciting new level without your guidance and support – the resources you’ve offered are invaluable!!”
Will, online course, January 2021

Although the length of our courses vary, the format we use for all is essentially the same: a combination of  weekly online home study by yourself and highly interactive online study groups with others. This way of working offers you flexibility, space to think alone and in your own time, and a chance to reflect on the material covered with a cohort you come to know well.

“A truly excellent, well structured course. Easy to follow and digest, the short films and talks really help to make theoretical aspects come to life.”
Training manager, Leap Confronting Conflict, 2017