online learning

We have been delivering online learning opportunities since 2014, first developed to support community development practice around the country. Our aim is always to create a space where people can learn from others, listen to themselves, share their experiences and explore new ideas.

I just want to thank you for such a thorough and considered journey.
I can feel things beginning to move around for me and wouldn’t be able to take my work to this exciting new level without your guidance and support – the resources you’ve offered are invaluable!!

Will, Bristol, 2021

We currently offer two online courses which stretch over a number of weeks and bring together people from all backgrounds and interests to share their insights and experiences. The format is the same for both, requiring an hour of home study per week plus a fortnightly 2hr online study group with others.

The first explores how we understand conflict, and what would change for everyone if they accepted it as a normal part of human interaction. The second looks at facilitation skills for inclusive practice, touching on how to build genuinely inclusive spaces and work teams, the skills needed for welcoming difference and dissent, and how to develop the crucial level of self awareness needed to be an inclusive faciliator.

“When I signed up for the course I was really looking forward to delving back into some learning. What I wasn’t expecting was the opportunity to really reflect on my own relationship with conflict and to finish the course with a whole host of tools and techniques for changing how I deal with it across all aspects of my life. I would honestly recommend everyone who can spare a few hours a week to take part in this course. I can’t think of a more valuable way to invest that time.”

Cass, Bristol 2020


“A truly excellent, well structured course. Easy to follow and digest, the short films and talks really help to make theoretical aspects come to life.”

Training manager, Leap Confronting Conflict, 2017
on our online ‘Conflict theory and practice’ course