Lecturer & trainer

As soon as I started training groups in the early 2000s, I realised how much I enjoyed creating a space where people could learn from others, listen to themselves, share their experiences and explore new ideas. I have carried that idea of learning through interaction into my academic teaching, where it is still rare to find despite the benefits.

“Made me think things I haven’t before;
gained insight into conflict and adapting to change.”
“Loved the group work, felt it boosted my confidence,
and will apply it to real life.”

Feedback  from generally reluctant Year 2 undergrads, November 2017 


Comments like these are wonderful to read, and also very familiar to me. What people are responding to is a chance to explore new thinking through their own experience. I have collected similar responses from young people and adults of all ages, all backgrounds, all levels of seniority and experience. A chance to reflect on how we individually engage with conflict in our lives, and the impact that has on those around us, is highly relevant to all aspects of our being.

A truly excellent, well structured course. I was particularly interested in the theory underpinning the models, which were presented very well and were easy to follow and digest. The short films and talks really help to make theoretical aspects come to life.”

Training manager, Leap Confronting Conflict, 2017
evaluating online course ‘Conflict theory and practice’


As this topic is universal and relevant to us all, over the last 20 years I have delivered training across the age and social spectrum, from practitioners to Masters level, school children to police analysts and senior academics, residents groups to social workers. Much of the material I use has now been constructed into online learning units, and has been accessed by students from across the UK and beyond. There is more information on online courses here, which can also be accredited to Masters level via the University of West of England (with additional assignments) if wished.