Mediation training – process and practice


This course revisits crucial interpersonal communication skills and introduces core mediation principles and process – an invaluable combination for all those working in management, HR and public facing roles.

If you are interested in becoming a mediator, or are changing career direction, join us for this transformative online training. The videos, talks and exercises will provide all you need to start your journey as a mediator.  You will develop new skills that are relevant to all relationships around you – at home, at work and in community settings. An excellent CPD opportunity across a range of professions and careers.

Course content
  • UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT – conflict dynamics, reframing, and essential interpersonal skills 
  • YOU AND CONFLICTour impact in any conflict we are involved in, including as mediators 
  • WHAT IS MEDIATION?core principles and the skills you need to use as a mediator 
  • THE MEDIATION PROCESSunderstanding its future-focussed, participant-led format 
  • HOLDING THE SPACE review of the techniques used to contain challenging discussions
  • PRACTICING SKILLS AND NEXT STEPSyou will be keen to get lots of practice and you will.
This course was developed jointly by Community Resolve (Bristol) and Conflict & Change (Newham, London), two innovative conflict transformation organisations working in the field for over 20 years.