Previous research

How do individuals construct their idea of conflict? (2014)

Embedding skills to address everyday conflict: A learning report on 10 years of activity in Bristol, SW England (2014)

Untold Stories of Good Relations: Building a Coalition of Voice and Influence in England (2013)

Voices across borders: Policymakers and diasporas in the UK working for peace and development (2012) 

Class, race and community cohesion: a profile of Hillfields, Bristol (2011)

Focus group research into the impact of the recession and barriers to community cohesion in six Bristol wards (2010)


Reports on practitioner work through Community Resolve

Peer mentoring to get young people into work (2013)

Crucial Conversations: report on 3-year intergenerational mediation service between teens and parents/carers (2012)

Taking conflict skills onto the streets: Street-Based Team Pilot commissioned via Youth Crime Action Plan (2009)