The first 15 years

Community Resolve was formed in 2001 by three volunteers interested in expanding mediation principles to broader community development work. By the time our innovative on-the-ground delivery work ended in Bristol in 2015, we had 35+ part time workers from across a huge range of backgrounds merging their ideas and experiences into projects touching all aspects of city life.

For a detailed breakdown of our work across Bristol and its multiple levels:

In 2017, we moved to primarily online training and delivery and continue to work as a collective to offer the same today. When our on-the-ground Bristol work closed down, we were touched by the support and goodwill residents, agencies and professionals demonstrated for what we had achieved:

Every time I come here they show me love … I’ve got nothing but love for them.’
Young service user

‘[They] filled a role: saw a particular issue that was very serious and tried to deal with it and had considerable success in doing so, but [they] have been a casualty of a real sea change in the funding landscape…’
External partner organisation

‘They had the skills to go on the streets, to meet younger people from different cultural backgrounds and talk to them and were able to engage them better than any other organisation.’
Service user 

‘One of the Bristol organisations with the most intelligences and experience’
Public sector commissioner