What people say

On my work as Director, Community Resolve

The comments below were collected by independent researchers studying Community Resolve’s impact on Bristol over a 10 year period – see  Impact Report. This was commissioned in 2013 and was funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, a longterm supporter of the organisation.  The unedited quotes encapsulate a lot of the principles I tried to bring to the organisation in my role as Director:

  • Commissioner: “The Director was a really good ambassador for the work they did … she really understood multi-agency work”
  • Funder: “The Director’s leadership was very dynamic, very inspirational, extremely intelligent and quick but also with a really keen ideal of trying to enable others”
  • Local authority colleague: “She’s very good at directing and looking at the best possible way to move forward and she’s a risk taker”
  • Multi-agency colleague: “The Director was like a breath of fresh air, with a unique combination of a grasp of theory relating to community and conflict and also a sense of action and application. And it’s very rare that I see those qualities in one person.”


As a lecturer
Feedback  from generally reluctant Year 2 undergraduates, November 2017:

  • “Made me think things I haven’t before; gained insight into conflict and adapting to change.”
  • “Loved the group work, felt it boosted my confidence, and will apply it to real life.”
  • “Helped me become more understanding of others people’s views and taught me to be more accepting”
  • “Very insightful. Thank you.”


On online training format and content

A truly excellent, well structured course. I was particularly interested in the theory underpinning the models, which were presented very well and were easy to follow and digest. The short films and talks really help to make theoretical aspects come to life.”

Training manager, Leap Confronting Conflict, 2017 – evaluating online course ‘Conflict theory and practice’