What people say

As Founder / Director, Community Resolve

  • Commissioner: “The Director was a really good ambassador for the work they did … she really understood multi-agency work”
  • Funder: “The Director’s leadership was very dynamic, very inspirational, extremely intelligent and quick but also with a really keen ideal of trying to enable others”
  • Local authority colleague: “She’s very good at directing and looking at the best possible way to move forward and she’s a risk taker”
  • Multi-agency colleague: “The Director was like a breath of fresh air, with a unique combination of a grasp of theory relating to community and conflict and also a sense of action and application. And it’s very rare that I see those qualities in one person.”


As a lecturer

  • “Made me think things I haven’t before; gained insight into conflict and adapting to change.”
  • “Loved the group work, felt it boosted my confidence, and will apply it to real life.”
  • “Helped me become more understanding of others people’s views and taught me to be more accepting”
  • “Very insightful. Thank you.”